2015/11/13 – Liberté, Egalité et Fraternité

 Living in a city to me means to be part of a hotspot of live, clash of cultures, network of people and an ongoing combination of past, present and future.
A place like Paris is about diversity and tolerance, about creativity and love, about history and development. It is about Liberté, Egalité et Fraternité more than any other place – at least to Europe. Paris – a city, which so many people like or want to explore, because of its’ attitude, clichés or overall beauty.
Trough its political, economic and cultural centrality, Paris is the heart of of France and one of the major cities in Europe. In fact it is one of the two European Megacities (the other one is London).  Therefore many Europeans feel somewhat connected to France, Paris or a french lifestyle. And if something that bad happens like three days ago, people feel the same and grieve together.

When pointing at the heart or at the freedom to live, it get’s personal and major parts of the world unite. We unite to protect our values, rights and savoir vivre.

Urban agglomerations trigger many risks e.g. traffic accidents, energy blackouts, epidemics, overcrowded places or general supply complications. With all of those we can deal with, those are acceptable. What is not OK is terror. It is not at all, never, nowhere, in no instance acceptable. Especially when terror gets to a city, which is a symbol for the life of free people, there should be no tolerance.
However, there is not much more to say or write in this case. Personally, I am still trying to get my head around it. And I am 50% curious and 50% concerned how our future will look like.
Until then, PeaceforParis, Peace for the world.

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