Everybody knows about famous forecasts like: 2050, over 70% of our world’s population will live in cities. For me most of these scenarios seem unimaginable and intangible. So I decided that I first want to explore the world by myself rather than learning statistical details about our future. Since then I am travelling to major cities of the world like Sao Paulo, Seoul or Tokyo.

During the recent years I got the impression that cities are related to everything. They seem to be the one institution connecting our different challenges and generally our society. As much as I am fascinated by cities I also have critical questions and toughts about them.

What will happen to rural areas if most of humans live in cities? And how will a city with millions of people be managed in our future? How will supply be provided? Could the supply for each and everyone be guaranteed? Which strategies are useful? Which factors should be included in planning approaches? Will we find answers for future challenges like scarcity of resources, poverty, air pollution, demographic change or impacts of climate change? And will we be capable transforming theory into reality?

In my opinion it is quite important to face these and other similar questions, because our future lies in our responsibility. The antrophogenic influence among natural environment is imense.

In stadtwelten I want to discuss different aspects about cities. Some will be funny or awkward others more serious. My blog will also focus on my trips to the Megacities of our time. Furthermore I would like to give some insights to events I have been to related to the broad field of cities. Everything is based on my personal impressions, thoughts and interests.

My personal relationship to this topic is quite easy. In my studies such as in my private life I focus on how cities in this century are functioning or how they actually have to. Particularly I am very interested in Megacities and Disaster Management.

I hope that I can convince and inspire people about our cities in this 21st century.

Here you can find out more about myself: mjhintz.de