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Living in a city means to be constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields. You did not know that? Well, no wonder, we are not able to see, feel, touch or hear them – normally.

But last week I experienced the sound of power while walking through the city of Hamburg. How? I did an electrical walk which was a project made by Christina Kubisch within the festival ‘blurred edges’ in Hamburg.

Have you already heard of electrical walks? Let me tell you about it: you get special on-ear headphones and some suggestions where to go. Then you start walking.

It won’t take long until you here it. A deep techno noise will occur. Walking by electric gates in front of a store you will hear a constant techno-like beat. ATMs, power distributors, Internet signals, advertisement board or traffic lights – everything has a sound, everything sounds different, everything you hear might change the way you see a city.

I have to admit that before that electrical walk I never thought about the intensity of electromagnetic fields and waves surrounding myself every day. But afterwards it was a weird feeling to me. There is something around everyone of us at any time, coming through the technologies we are all using, producing those waves, which make strange noises. It was as if I explore a hidden world. It feels like exploring a whole new layer of places I have already known before.

For a better understanding and some examples of electromagnetic sounds – watch this:

Christina Kubisch – Electrical Walks. An introduction to Christina Kubisch’s “Electrical Walks” series of works from Christina Kubisch on Vimeo.

Those walks already took place in Hamburg, Cologne, New York, Talinn, Hong Kong, Berlin and 46 other locations. I highly recommend participating at one – it is a very different way to explore a city. To me it is questionable if those electromagnetic waves have an impact or not. Do they affect my health? Do I feel different when not being within an electromagnetic field? Is it actually possible to escape without being cut off the world? Using technology has a price – not only cash.

Especially in cities I think it is nearly impossible to escape the electro smog, because technology is everywhere in our society. What do you think? Is there an impact on health through 24/7 electromagnetic waves? If yes what could cities do in order to minimize electro smog?

I think first of all the awareness of that hidden world is important. It was a great experience to me, which made me reflect about how much noise surrounds us even if we cannot hear it.

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  • Hey Josefine, very nice article! You´re right, I think we as citizens dont care at all!
    I will have an open eye where else this event is taking place!


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