Seaside Get Away – a day at Howth

Rite Sir! I am in Dublin for some days. It is my first time in Dublin and generally in Ireland. I reckon it won’t be the last though, because I like it very much. The city is diverse, vibrant and friendly. But within all the hustle and bustle I wanted to get out of the city for a day, somewhere at the sea. Luckily Ireland is an island and Dublin is a city next to the sea which made a one day – get away super easy. The spot of my choice was Howth. Howth – the pronunciation is more like Hoth- is a small peninsula close to Dublin. Take the DART Train, which takes of every 20 minutes, stopping at several stations within the city. From Tara Station, which was my starting point, it was only a 27 minute ride to Howth train station.


At certain days it can be quite a touristic place, so my tip is not to follow the groups of people towards a well known pier with tons of restaurants next to the station but instead get to the hiking paths directly. There are three different paths options: short trail, long trail and an even longer one which takes you almost all the way around the peninsula.


However, as always I prefer to be more spontaneously rather than sticking to the original plan when it comes to exploring. There will always be a way, path or trail which might be even
more beautiful than those officially promoted.

Howth hiking path

After a little while the only thing I saw was the sea, rocks and a small path guiding the way. The sun was coming out once in a while and the noise of seagulls really intensified the maritime atmosphere. It was adorable, quiet and peaceful. Just what I wanted and needed.

Looking at the sea in Howth

Howth nature

    Flower in the woods

After the hike the best thing one can obviously do is to eat delicious food. Aiming for Irish Foodie town 2015, Howth has really some great places to offer. For example Classic Fish&Chips at the Beshoff Bros or an organic Bagel with Salmon and Cream Cheese at GreenRoots, which I went for.


I like short Get aways. My body and mind always feel so refreshed. Also sometime you gotta get out of a place, so that you can value it even more. Cheers!

Looking at the sea

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