Paris - love locks down

Paris – Love Locks Down

Got a love-padlock hanging on a bridge in Paris? If yes, you might find it interesting that Paris will take down your locked love step by step from now on.

Since ages couples put locks with their names around the railings of Parisian bridges and then throw the key into la Seine. This procedure was and is still one of the highlights when visiting Paris as a City-of-love-tourist. That tradition became hyped, touristic and an attraction for each and everybody. Last year a part of an old bridge collapsed and thus showed the risk of love coupled with tourism.

Even if padlocks are small – image thousands of them hanging 24/7 365 days per year at a railing on a bridge. It might take time, but the bridge will lose its’ stability. Paris is taking the locks down mainly because of safety issues. BBC is stating that close to a million padlocks with an estimated 45 tonnes will be removed. That is a reasonable weight to be taken down. Safety first.

– Parisian bridges were never designed nor built for the purpose of love-locks-

From my perspective the situation is somehow ironic. Maybe the bridges just realized how much weight they are actually carrying also in a symbolic way. So much endless love. And image how many of those couples might still be harmonically together? Maybe the bridges just cannot stand so many heartbreaks, divorces or lovesickness. Just joking!

But what will happen if the symbols of endless love will disappear? Paris as the City of no love? As I am in Paris right now, walking through its’ beautiful alleys and enjoying the summerish atmosphere, I am optimistic that there will be soon a new symbolic tradition of lovers. Do you have any trendsetting suggestions?

And please do not be afraid that only because your love-lock will be removed, your promise of love will do it as well. Maybe the city of Paris will create an love-lock exhibition as space for all removed padlocks. Who knows…

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